Mark Webber

When it comes to Formula 1 racing, Mark Webber is simply a natural. As part of Team Redbull-Renault Racing with Sebastian Vettel, Mark had an impressive and strong 2011 and 2012 season. With legions of loyal fans, he and his team are also slated to dominate 2013 as well. Born August 27, 1976, in Australia, Webber had nominal success racing in his home country. He, however, chose to move to the Untied Kingdom in 1995 to expand his motor-sport career. While in the U.K., Mark formed a racing partnership with fellow Australian, Paul Stoddart. Stoddart owned the European Racing Formula 3000 team, but would also buy the Minardi team. The latter opened the doors for both Webber and Paul to enter Formula 1 racing.

Mark made his Formula 1 debut in 2002, securing Minardi’s first points in three years at a home race. After a strong showing in the first season, Jaguar Racing reached out to Webber about a lead driver position. Mark accepted and would lead the team for the next two years. While the team itself was generally uncompetitive, Mark clearly outshined his teammates, while qualifying on the front two rows of the grid on several occasions. Webber would then join Red Bull Racing in 2009, which saw him win his first Formula 1 race in the prestigious German Grand Prix. Second place finishes then followed at the 2009 British, Turkish and Chinese Grand Prix. At the end of 2009, Mark had secured eight podiums, which features another victory in Brazil. He also added ten more podiums in 2010, with victories in Hungary, England, Monaco and Spain. Since that time, Mark is a permanent fixture on the Redbull Team, and is considered one of the top Formula 1 racers in the world.

In addition to being the director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, Webber has also seen some competitive races with fellow teammate, Sebastian Vettel. This included the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix, which saw Webber winning the last GP and coming in 3rd on the season, this is another high-profile victory for Team Redbull, which hopes to dominate Formula 1 racing this year as well.

His 2012 season was very good despite not having as strong of a car as he did in 2012 when RedBull Racing shredded virtually all of the circuits scoring 3rd place.

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