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Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher profile

Team: Mercedes
Constructor: Mercedes
Nationality: German
First Race: Belgian GP 1991
2011 Results: 8th (76 points)

1994-1995 World Champion
2000-2004 World Champion
# of wins: 91
# pole positions: 68

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October 4, 2012: Michael Schumacher has announced his plans to retire at the end of the 2012 season that will see him finish the greatest career in Formula 1 history!

A wet road has yet to faze former Formula One World Champion driver Michael Schumacher as his incredible driving ability is often displayed during rainy weather. Moreover, he can claim more Grand Prix and World Championship racing wins than any other F1 driver in history. Schumacher’s recorded career began in 1991 when he was a substitute for another driver. He quickly became a successful Formula One driver and won his first World title in 1994. Unfortunately, his accomplishments have been marred by controversy including several race suspensions along with bad sportsmanship allegations, which include his 1994 World Championship win.

In 1997, Schumacher experienced another ill-reputed incident involving a race at Jerez. The famous Formula 1 driver ended up losing his runner-up standing in the Drivers’ Championship as a result. In 2000, Schumacher won the Drivers’ Championship in Japan for the Ferrari team. It was their first world title in 21 years.

The driver faced an enormous controversy in 2002. During the Austrian GP, Jean Todt, the Ferrari team leader, asked Schumacher’s team-mate to give him the win. The Austrian crowd became enraged and booed the group until they left the podium. Schumacher was mortified and placed Barrichello, the Brazilian driver, on the top pier for the trophy. Later, the racing champion became the recipient of fan anger in Monaco and Canada. After winning the World Championship seven times, Schumacher announced his retirement at the end of the 2006 season putting the brakes on his 16 year career. At the time, he could count 91 total victories and 68 pole positions, which is an intimidating record. The Formula racecar driver returned just three years later after he spent time as a special advisor to Ferrari and used his driving abilities to experiment with motorbikes.

During December of 2009, Schumacher verified that he was coming back to the sport that he loved, but would not be returning to Ferrari. The driver announced that he would be driving Formula One racing cars for Mercedes GP. Furthermore, Michael Schumacher recently corroborated reports that he will remain with Mercedes for another racing season. The Formula One 2012 season will be the driver’s third after his return to the sport and with his longtime experience; Schumacher is bound to give younger drivers something to worry about.

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