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Sebastian Vettel

If you’ve never heard of Formula One racer Sebastian Vettel go ahead and take a minute to familiarize yourself with the young man. If present trends continue, he will soon take his place alongside the all-time greats of the high octane sport. After three short years of cutting his teeth against the best competition the world has to offer, Vettle’s 2011 season has been nothing short of legendary. In the span of only 19 races, Vettel attained an astonishing 15 pole positions and an eye-popping 11 wins. In 2012 he became just the 3rd driver ever to win 3 world drivers championships and doing it with 3 in a row. His 2012 season was more challenging winning the drivers title by 3 points. Vettel is the 3rd time World Drivers Championship securing his 3rd consecutive title!

In 2012 it was a different season than in 2011 where he fully dominated. The first half of 2012 saw him struggle to get on the podium and it required a second half of the season with him winning 4 races in a row in order to chip away at Fernando Alonso’s lead. In the final race of the season, Vettel had a collision and spun out nearly handing the title to Alonso but he recovered and scored enough points locking out Alonso and winning the title.

Unfortunately for Toro Rosso, upstart Red Bull Racing lured Vettel on board their upstart squad in 2009, and the pairing turned out to be highly beneficial for both parties. After four pole positions, four wins and a 2nd place overall finish in 2009, Vettel improved on his performance in 2010, achieving 10 poles, five 1st place finishes and the initial of what is likely to be many 1st place finishes in overall points.

In 2012 he has finished the second half of the season the strongest to overtake the former leader Fernando Alonso. He won the 2012 title by the slimmest of margins of only 3 points. He is the youngest 3 time champion and only one of 3 drivers with 3 consecutive WDCs along with Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio.

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