Team Mercedes have a respectable name in Formula 1 racing but over the past few years their performance has been less desirable. The team waved goodbye to F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher and after he announced his retirement, the team shortly announced they had signed Lewis Hamilton to a new contract. It was unthinkable that Hamilton would race for any other team than McLaren but Hamilton carries a lot of respect and demand in F1 and aside from getting more money from the team, Hamilton gets a new challenge and a fresh look. His relationship with McLaren appeared to be strained a little and now Hamilton is expected to demand more from Mercedes to change their culture from being a mediocre team to a challenger.

Nico Rosberg won his first ever race in 2012 which was the only bright spot on the team in the past few years. Rosberg does appear to be a very good driver but has struggled to demonstrate that with a car that appears to always be slower than his competitors.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton is definitely the star on this team but there are no guarantees in F1 that he will win anything. At the start of the season the odds on Hamilton were very generous for him winning the title. It will be tough betting on the team or the drivers as they need to improve the car before people can start discussing their names and teams alongside giants like Ferrari, McLaren and RedBull.

Before the grand prix era, the team won titles and did well in the Formula One events in 1954-55. It may return to its former greatness. A win would be a first. When Mercedes-Benz bought the Formula One team, it hoped to have great success. While the long awaited success has not come in a way hoped for yet, 2013 may be different.