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Red Bull Racing

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The RedBull F1 team goes into the 2013 with now the highest standards in F1 racing as they have won the drivers and constructors championship for 3 consecutive years. Their engineering team is considered one of the best in F1 with consistently fast cars and they have the drivers to back it up as well with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber winning an astonishing number of races in the past 3 years. This duo makes the RedBull Racing this the favourite to win the constructors’ championship for the 4th year in a row.

On paper, there’s no reason that Red Bull can’t maintain their form and outmuscle the competition in 2013. It all starts with defending Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel, who put together one of the strongest seasons in F1 history in 2011 with 11 wins and 15 poles in 19 races. The 2012 season was a challenging one for the German driver as he had to overcome a big lead by Fernando Alonso with a frantic end of the season race in Brazil determining the champion.

On any other team, Mark Webber would be the top driver and he has often been mentioned to be recruited by many teams wanting his services. He may be the #2 guy behind Vettel but Webber has won a decent amount of grand prix races over the past few years and scored a lot of points in the past 2 seasons proving that he is also worthy of challenging for the WDC.

Time will tell if the RB9 will perform as well as it did last season. Perhaps the main question isn’t whether RedBull will have a fast and dominating car but rather if teams like Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari can improve on their mistakes in 2012.