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Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges are a unique spin to the traditional sportsbook and first set off by Betfair as the first popular and successful betting exchange, there are a few more available but there are still not many available.

Top 3 Betting Exchanges

1. Betfair

betfair exchange f1

Betfair.com is both a sportsbook as well as a betting exchange. Being one of the oldest betting exchanges around, they have probably one of the bigger player bases and marketplaces to get in for betting. This means that you can pick so many sports including the smaller matches and find many offers created by other players.

2. Smarkets


Smarkets.com is the newest of the 3 betting exchanges and the company has done a ton to pull in new players and we think bettors were keen to try a new betting exchange and it’s become one of the more popular betting exchanges around. Like most betting exchanges, Smarkets is better known for football betting

3. Matchbook

matchbook f1

Matchbook has been around for a few years and are still considered a relatively new betting exchange. The company itself is big, very big and they’ve put a lot into recruiting players including offering 2% commission.

Matchbook is licensed in the United Kingdom and they even have an online casino as well.

You can check out a comprehensive guide to betting exchanges at bettingbonusestoday.com