Australian fans to root for Ricciardo  

Posted by F1admin in News on Dec 4, 2013

Mark Webber was a class act for RedBull Racing and represented Australia well for Formula 1. No doubt he has helped drive the sport to be more popular in Australia and who knows, maybe in the future more younger Australian drivers will take up racing as a result.

Now Sebastian Vettel’s driving partner is another Australian, but a younger one in Daniel Ricciardo who races for their Toro Rosso outfit and the team believed he was better than any other driver to pick up including Kimi Raikkonen. So now Raikkonen is teamed up with Fernando Alonso and Ricciardo is now the current face of Formula 1 racing in Australia. He has big shoes to fill as Webber nearly won a title all by himself and missed out by the narrowest of margins.

Now Australians have a new place to bet thanks to Ricciardo and it will keep Australians interested in F1. Now all eyes will turn to Ricciardo who has a bigger team and better car in front of him to see what he is really capable of doing.

It might be too early to make predictions but during tests last season on the RedBull car, Ricciardo was faster than Vettel and that isn’t easy considering Vettel is such a confident driver and has a unique technique to drive hard into his turns to make sure he gets the most out of it and provides the maximum acceleration as well.

The start of the 2014 F1 season of course takes place in Melbourne, Australia and we don’t know if Mark Webber will be a spectator or not but certainly the new rising star of F1 is Daniel Ricciardo. He doesn’t have to worry about Sergio Perez and most of the other young drivers don’t seem to have the potential he does unless you consider the strong racing of Nico Hulkenberg of this past season.

Speaking of betting on F1, the best odds available right now, and possibly the riskiest is to pick Vettel to win the 2014 drivers title.

As much as 4 consecutive world drivers titles might tell you to bet on him again, all the cars are starting new in 2014 and it is believed the edge that RedBull have enjoyed for most of 2013 is going to be virtually wiped out. The RBR team was certainly the best as redirecting exhaust force and using it to make the car that much more faster.