Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018  

Posted by F1admin in Betting Odds on Apr 19, 2018

With the fourth round of the 2018 Formula One World Championship being held between the 27th of April and the 28th of April, it’s interesting to see the development of the competition thus far. It was an exciting Chinese Grand Prix for Daniel Ricciardo who had a great performance and ended up in first place.


Some overtaking and a collision landed Vettel in 8th place, netting him only 4 points. Hamilton on the other hand landed in 4th place, earning him 12 points for this race, making the point difference between him and Hamilton that much tighter. Though Vettel did retain the top spot on the driver’s standings, over on the constructor side we saw Mercedes overtake Ferrari for first place.

All of this is very exciting for the upcoming Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as it has only been held once before, last year, where Daniel Ricciardo won. If he manages to win again this year that could potentially put him near first place with the points that he currently has.

Entering the race, Vettel will have a 9-point lead over Hamilton, while Mercedes will one up Ferrari by just one point. This race will pretty much shape the further development of the competition and it could prove to be essential for the standing of some drivers on the leaderboard.

The race is expected to be exciting, with some really breathtaking design which features tight passages with walls a few meters away during high speed portions. With no margin for error, it will be great to see these drivers race it out for the top spot.

The circuit is 6.003 km long, and the race will consist of 51 laps. It is one of the fastest street circuits, if not the fastest, reaching top speeds of up to around 360km/h. With speeds like these, we can expect some exhilarating moments as this builds up to be one of the defining races of the tournament.

This race could very well seal the end of the Mercedes reign over the championship and an opening for underdogs to step in. We have already mentioned Ricciardo, the Red Bull driver, but there are other drivers that shouldn’t be written off such as Lance Stroll who was 3rd last year. It should also be mentioned that last year, Vettel and Hamilton came in at 4th and 5th place respectively.

With the day of the race nearing in, it will be exciting to see how things will pan out and whether we will witness any drastic changes made to the scoreboard.