Belgian Grand Prix 2017 Betting Tips & Odds  

Posted by F1admin in Betting Odds on Aug 27, 2017

The Belgian Grand Prix saw Lewis Hamilton pick up a record pole position. In his 200th race he wins his 58th race which is something a lot of drivers would love to be able to say. The race was a close one between Hamilton and Vettel with Bottas chasing 3rd for most of the race but losing out to Ricciardo whom took home 3rd place.

The race was known for Fernando Alonso bowing out early and letting his frustrations with team McLaren be known. It’s quite clear he’s not a happy driver there and it’s probably more frustrating to see the 2 other Ferrari drivers doing well now that they have a more competitive car.

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Betting tips for the race

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Bet on Belgian Grand Prix

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Belgian Grand Prix 2017
Fri 25 – Sun 27 August 2017

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