Chinese Grand Prix  

Posted by F1admin in Betting Odds on Apr 16, 2018

Daniel Ricciardo wins the Chinese Grand Prix followed by the 2 fins Valtteri Bottas for Mercedes and Kimi Raikkonen for Ferrari.

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The Chinese Grand Prix is being held this Sunday on April the 15th and people are getting excited to see if Vettel will be able to continue his winning streak over Hamilton. Hamilton has been a favorite on this circuit for many years and he won it last year as well.

In total, he has won the Chinese Grand Prix 5 times, which is a lot more than the next two multiple winners of the track Fernando Alonso, and Nico Rosberg, who have won the track two times each. With Mercedes also winning this Grand Prix last 4 years in a row, it will be interesting if there will be an upset on this track.

To give further context, the first two races were won by Vettel, who has one each one of those in 2017 as well. Even though he is an underdog when looking at the entire Formula 1 Championship, he really needed to win those two races if he wanted to stand up to Hamilton. It will be interesting to see whether he will make an upset in China or if Hamilton’s reign over the track will prove too much for the German to handle.

Another thing to consider is that last year Vettel came in second place to Hamilton, so it’s entirely possible to see these two neck and neck as they battle it out in this exciting beginning to the championship. In 2017 Vettel was just over 6 seconds behind Hamilton. While that does seem like a huge gap for some people, it’s quite possible that Vettel could make an upset this time around.

When talking about the technical aspects of the circuit and race, the circuit is 5.451 km long, while the race is 305.066km long. This means that there are 56 laps in this race and it’s characterized by medium to slow speed corners, and straight path almost 1.4 kilometers long. There are two straights on the circuits and quite a few corners. The most interesting one comes right after the opening of the lap and it makes the drivers turn more than 270 degrees on the right side.

An interesting fact is that the path somewhat resembles the Chinese symbol Shang as a nod to the city name of Shanghai where the circuit is located. It cost $240 million to construct and it has been used since 2004. The legendary Schumacher also holds the lap record on this circuit at 1’32.238 which he achieved during the opening race of the circuit back in 2004. Another interesting fact is that Schumacher’s last victory in Formula One was on this track back in 2006.

With some uncertainties about the circuit’s future in Formula One over the years, it has stabilized in recent times and the venue will be on the Formula 1 Championship calendar at least until 2020, when their current contract will end.

You should definitely tune in as it’s going to be an important race that will shape the outlook of the potential championship winner this year.